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  • Elizabeth Chavarria

Rejuvenating Sleep

Are you someone that struggles with insomnia/sleep issues? I know all too well what that is like and I only have the utmost compassion for those of you who experience this struggle. The information I'm about to share with you regarding sleep will help set you well on your way for that rejuvenating sleep you wish you had access to.

In Book 3 of the Medical Medium Series: Thyroid Healing there is a section on sleep on pages 241-260. What I will be sharing will by own personal experience with sleep and how I used that information to apply to my own unique sleep issues.

My Personal Experience

I don't quite remember a time that I used to sleep really well. Since I was a child my parents would not allow my brothers and I to sleep in nor did we take naps (more on naps later). Since I was a young teenager and into high school I would sleep through the night, but I would wake up feeling as if I hadn't slept at all. I don't ever remember dreaming either (more on dreams below). I felt tired ALL the time and would have to push myself in sports.

Then in university everything got worse. My second year in university was when I was not sleeping well at all. I lived in student housing my second year and my room was right above Hooter's. I had a bad experience with my roommates whom didn't know about my chronic symptoms much less everything I was going through. I would get some sleep here and there but it never felt restorative.

Into my third year in university is when I began to struggle with sleeping at all. It was when I developed complete insomnia, became bedridden with the chronic fatigue, and experienced brain fog. I had my own apartment with one roommate and it was peaceful. I should have been able to sleep because it was quiet unlike my experiences the past few years.

Root Causes of MY Sleep Issues

Types of sleep issues I dealt with:


* being able to fall asleep

* waking in the middle of the night and not being able to fall back asleep Or *waking up at night, being up for a few hours, and eventually being able to fall back asleep at some point

* waking up at 3 or 4 in the morning, eventually falling back asleep or just staying up

Let me tell you that getting sleep is a birthright! You are allowed to get restorative and rejuvenating sleep. Anthony William, author of the Medical Medium book series talks about how we each have our own sleep wellspring. It is a universal law that can not be taken from you. Isn't that nice?

I was able to identify my sleep issues and my sleep has improved dramatically. My root causes have been:

*Viral activity (I had other symptoms that were viral)

*Toxic heavy metals (At the time I had so much poke and sushi while living in Hawai'i and experienced Seasonal Affective Disorder during High School so I already had heavy metals in me)

*MSG toxicity (I had plenty of foods with natural flavors in them as well as other ingredients such as aspartame. I would chew a pack or more of gum a day since I was a teenager! Thats just one example.)

*Liver issues (I had already been struggling with symptoms associated with sluggish liver and would often wake up at 3 or 4 in the morning when the liver begins to cleanse and can cause a spasm that wakes you up)

*Digestive Issues (This symptom was more on the minor side for me. I felt every single food going through me due to sensitive nerves.)

*Sleep apnea (Another minor symptom of mine due to strep in the sinus cavities)

*Adrenal Fatigue (A major issue that began at a very young age for me. At age 13-14 I had anorexia which completely killed my adrenals leading to that unrestful sleep.)

*Emotional Wounds (Many emotions built up inside of me during the years. I didn't dream so I was not able to meet the needs of my mind, soul, and spirit.)

I have had many health struggles since I was 13 years of age. I only have compassion for myself because there was so much that was wrong when I look back at all that I had going on.

The one cause of my sleep issues that hurts me the most to think about was my extreme case of adrenal fatigue. Without being able to dream, so much pain and sorrow had built up inside of me. I lived with it every day because I wasn't able to dream to be able to process that during my sleep. When I was a little girl I remember having nightmares all the time. Somewhere along the way in my early teenage years I stopped dreaming and emotional wounds, chronic illness, and hardship built up inside of me. We dream to heal our soul and so that we don't have to process the pain during our waking ours.

Tools to Help With Sleep

So, how did I address all of this?

I began applying Medical Medium® tools into my life and work on my chronic symptoms. Sleep issues take time to mend. I worked on healing my brain, drawing out the heavy metals with the heavy metal detox smoothie, incorporating the foods to remove MSG from my brain, and most importantly, healing and reclaiming my soul.

On a physical level the brain has to repair itself depending on your root cause. What I have found to be really helpful are the specific combinations of foods and supplements you can consume. For easy access, visit my instagram post titled "Insomnia/sleep issues" for a list you can save.

My bed time routine has varied greatly throughout the years. For a few years, I tried putting my phone away 2 hours before bedtime as well as any other electronics and instead would read. I now take my supplements, meditate, and fall asleep really easily. It doesn't matter if I'm on my phone late or not I will fall asleep after meditating.

To mend on a soul level, I highly recommend the meditations on the Medical Medium Podcast on Apple Podcast.

The podcast meditations changed EVERYTHING for me because they can be done at any time of day. That means you can "stargaze" at any time of day and come in touch with your soul so you heal emotional wounds (you'll learn more about it if you listen to the meditation). The same meditations are in Medical Medium Book 1. I did them for years, but the time I could do them was very limited because they weren't guided meditations.

Here is a list of the guided meditations at the time this blog has been published:

The Stargazing Meditation: healing emotional struggles and coming in touch with our soul's essence.

The Fruit Picking Meditation: helps to mend the heart, spirit, and soul.

The Free As A Bird Meditation: helps to uncage your soul.

The Moon Meditation: helps to heal emotional wounds and pull the weeds out from our consciousness.

The Brain Meditation: helps to let go of fear and rewires your neurons so you come in touch with your soul.

Since the guided meditations on the podcast came out, my sleep has improved greatly! I now dream almost every night and get the rest that I need to move forward!

I'm not going to say my sleep is 100% because it's not. I'm still working on trying to be able to nap during the day. I have many things that need my attention and everyday life struggles. I'm living my purpose-plus, and I'm okay with that. I know there will be a time later in my life where I will be able to get all the sleep that I need. I continue to work on my health, and my performance is great.

Another tool that I have used to help with my sleep has been the Angelic realm. Anthony shares about the Essential Angels and Unknown Angels among many others that are accessible to us.

We have to ask out loud (even if it's just a whisper), have faith and be patient with their work. One thing to know is that these Angels are female and will appear to you in however you imagine them to be.

The Angels that I have called for help every single night since I learned about them from Medical Medium Book 1 include:

The Angel of Sleep: She'll aid you in your path to a better night's sleep, whether because of a health issue or an emotional trial, and will help you access your sleep wellspring.

The Angel of Dreams: You can ask her to enter your dreams to help you resolve emotional turmoil.

Unknown Angels: There are 144,000 Angels that are female and not named. These Angels can aid you in your healing and rejuvenation. They're important to call upon when going through chronic illness.

EVERYONE is different when it comes to insomnia/sleep issues. There is not one protocol that will help every person. If you would like personalized support and recommendations, you can book a session with me here.


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